Robot Welding Systems

Robotic Welding Systems provide many benefits including reduced labour costs, improvement in quality & a consistent work output rate. Panasonic Robot Welding systems have short delivery times, are easy to program and provide a fast return on investment.

With over 30 years of robotic welding & automation experience, Orion Automation can ensure that you are provided with the most cost effective system to meet your production requirements – no matter how difficult your process is.

Seamless integration

The Panasonic range of Robot Welding Systems are completely manufactured by the one supplier to create seamless integration. The systems include the Robot Manipulator, Robot Controller, Welding Power Source, Welding Torch & Wire Feed system and Welding Software.


Easily programmable to suit your business needs

To ensure that operators - even those with no welding experience - are able to program the robot welding system Panasonic have developed the Weld Navigation software. With training the operator only needs to enter the material details for the system to determine the optimum welding conditions.


We have systems for all types of materials

Panasonic Robot Welding Systems processes include MIG, TIG and Laser Welding of Mild Steels, Stainless Steels, Aluminium, Galvanised Metals, Copper & Titanium. Whether the material is thin, thick plate or pipe there are specific hardware and software configurations for all of these applications.

Are you considering robotic welding for your business?

Robot Welding is fast

A robot welding system can produce 3 to 5 times the production compared to a manual welder, allowing the operator to attend to other tasks while the robot is in production

Short lead times

Robot welding system delivery time is typically 8 to 12 weeks

Fast payback

System investment starts at $65K AUD to weld Mild Steel and Stainless Steel, typically providing payback within 12 months

Easy to learn

Time to teach operators and programmers takes 2 to 3 days

No qualifications required

The operator or programmer does not need to be a qualified welder

On site testing

Product welding trials can be completed at your premises using our mobile robot welding system

Long term value

Lifespan of robot welding system exceeds 10 years, with many systems still operational after 15 years

Suitable for all sizes of business

Manufacturing businesses with just a few employees can benefit from automating the welding operations.

Robotic welding has many benefits for your business

Robot Welding Systems increase your productivity

A good ballpark is that each robot welding system can weld the equivalent of 3 manual welders

Improved quality

With a robot welding system each weld can be configured to the seam’s requirements which minimises heat input, material distortion, consumable cost and power usage


Whether you need to make 100 or 10,000 parts, or multiple products simultaneously, we can assist you with the right solution and system layout designs


Reduce reliance on specific personnel

Low down time

Load your robot welding system prior to maintain production during meal breaks

Reliable supply chain

Manufacturing times are consistent, providing planning information and reducing the need to stock inventory

Product Range

Orion Automation has a full range of Panasonic Robot Welding Systems for all types of materials & processes.

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Panasonic Robot Welding - Examples

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Videos - Robotic Welding

Key components of Panasonic Robot Welding Systems

Robot Manipulator

With reaches from 1,100mm to over 2,000mm and able to be integrated to Linear Tracks to weld products to 20 metres in length.

Robot Controller

The Panasonic G3 Controller is specifically designed for Robot Welding with integrated welding interface control boards and software.

Teach pendant

The Panasonic G3 Teach pendant is easy to use whilst maintaining advanced functionality

Welding Power Source

Either Integrated with the robot controller or separate for specific processes Panasonic has the complete range of MIG, TIG, Laser Welding and Plasma Cutting power sources.

Welding Process Torch

From gas & water cooled robot welding torches to advanced torches with integrated servo wire feeders the Panasonic range has a Torch configuration for your application.

Wire Feeder

Panasonic’s wire feeder systems include the advanced servo motor driven wire feeder that is integrated with the robot controller.

System software

From Panasonic’s Weld Navigation software to automatically define the optimal weld conditions to the advanced DTPSIII Off Line Programming Software – all software is manufactured by Panasonic Robot Welding Systems.

System Options

  • Single and Dual Axis Positioner Systems with payload capacity from 250 kg to 5000 kg
  • Servo Motor Systems from 100W to 5KW
  • External Axis Controllers interfaced with the robot controllers
  • Off Line Programming Software
  • Process Control Software