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External Axis Positioners, Controllers & Cables

The Panasonic range of single and dual axis Positioners provide the components to expand the capabilities of your robot welding system.

Panasonic TM1800WG3 with RJB Positioner welding pipe

The Panasonic standard positioners range from 250kg to 1000kg payload, with positioners with payloads to 10,000kg available.

The three key components of the Positioner systems to add to the robot welding system are;
  • Panasonic single or dual axis positioners
  • Panasonic external axis controller
  • Panasonic cable sets between the positioner and controller
Panasonic robot welding systems can be integrated with 1 or many external axis positioners, servo motor units or linear track systems.

Video: Panasonic Robot Welding Systems projects utilising external axis positioners

Panasonic RJB Single and Dual Axis Positioners

With payloads to 1000kg Panasonic’s RJB Series Positioners are available in the following models:

  • 250kg Single Axis payload

  • 500kg Single Axis payload

  • 1000kg Single Axis payload

For Dual Axis requirements the paired positioners are supplied with all internal cabling and connector plates.

Cable sets ranging from 6m to 30m are available to interface with the External Axis Controller

Panasonic Integrated High Speed Tilt & Turn dual axis Positioners

Panasonic Positioner RJC Dual Axis

Built for high speed tilting and turning the RJC series Positioners are available in the following models:

  • 300kg High Speed Dual Axis

  • 500kg High Speed Dual Axis

Cable sets ranging from 6m to 30m are available to interface with the External Axis Controller

Panasonic Positioner RJC Dual Axis Tilt and Turn Table

Panasonic External Axis Controller

The Panasonic External Axis Controller is integrated to the Panasonic Robot G3 Controller and connects to the external axis positioners and servo motors with standard cabling sets reaching to 30 metres.

Multiple Positioners and Servo Motors are controlled by each External Axis Controller.

To ensure safety when integrating multi station cells the Panasonic Independent Type External Axis Controller is able to safely isolate each positioner or servo motor unit as required.

Panasonic External Axis Controller for G3 series Independant Type

Panasonic External Axis Cable Sets

External Axis Cable Standard
External Axis Cable Standard

To interface the Panasonic External Axis Positioners and Servo Motor Units to the External Axis Controller standard cable sets with plugs at each end make the connection simple.

Cable are available as standard cables or flexible cables.

Flexible cable sets are able to be integrated into standard energy chains as used in linear tracks on larger systems.

Panasonic Servo Motor Units

The Panasonic Servo Motor Units are integrated with an encoder and brake for safe positional control of mechanical systems.

The Servo Motor units are able to be integrated with Panasonic External Axis Controllers.

With a standard rage from 100W to 5500W rated output the Panasonic’s Servo Motor Units simplify the integration of the control of special purpose positioners, linear track systems, gripper control & conveyor control.

Choose the cable set from 6m to 30m to interface with the Panasonic External Axis Controller