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Panasonic Auto Extension AVC Software for the automatic height adjustment of MIG and TIG welding

The Panasonic Auto Extension AVC Software automatically tracks the height of the product while welding, which may occur due to heat distortion of the workpiece.

Panasonic TM1800WG3 with RJB Positioner welding pipe

For MIG welding this function is particularly useful for the welding of eccentric pipes, large workpieces or for Hard facing and Wear Buildup applications.


For TIG welding this function is useful for many applications to ensure that the arc length is maintained, including Pipe work and for Hard Facing applications.

Video: Panasonic Welding Robot Tawers TIG also with AVC

For the TIG welding of the distorted workpiece as shown in this image, the system completes a height check to determine the optimum distance from the electrode to the workpiece prior to establishing the arc.


Once welding the robot tracks the torch up or down to maintain the optimum electrode to workpiece distance.


This software is available on Panasonic TAWERS robot welding systems.